Weekly Photo Challenge: Community


Community – is that a portmanteau of ‘common’ and ‘unity’?  What is the unifying thing that all life has in common?  Is it the everything particle?  Is it a Divine Source? Would you just call it Life?  Our community home is a beautiful, spinning sphere wrapped in a blanket of atmosphere.  Sounds cozy!  We dance atop this sphere with all kinds of creatures.  A community dance, an every day Festival, a holiday (holy day)…on ice!  Here’s where my stream of consciousness lands:

winter path

Whether you’ve got skis or boots or hoofs or paws or fins or feathers or roots, we are gliding together on a slippery path.  Let’s hold each other up and work together in common unity!



Wordless Wednesday: Work Shoes Part 2

* for back story about the owner of these shoes, see Wednesday Words: For Steve

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* scheduling this post for Wednesday, August 21 – my birthday.  I’m at work today, too.  Maybe next week I’ll show you my shoes…and you can show me yours! 

Wordless Wednesday: Landscape Portraits

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Comments allowed and appreciated! (I’m still working on the “One Shot: Two Ways” idea.  I think I need to take the vertical shot from a lower angle and get something different in the foreground…”

Wordless Wednesday: My Father

July 10th.  The anniversary of my father’s birth.  A man I was close to for 48 years, but whom I was just getting to know when he became wordless.  He wrote his memoirs just before developing Alzheimer’s disease. (see this post for a more complete story)

What I wouldn’t give for a few more words…..

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Comments accepted and appreciated: no verbal restrictions there!