Wordless Wednesday: Work Shoes Part 2

* for back story about the owner of these shoes, see Wednesday Words: For Steve

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* scheduling this post for Wednesday, August 21 – my birthday.  I’m at work today, too.  Maybe next week I’ll show you my shoes…and you can show me yours! 

21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Work Shoes Part 2

  1. Happy Birthday, Priscilla ! I’d forgotten that you and my father shared the same day ! (So many Leos around 😉 ) ! Have a great day !

    • I had forgotten, too! Thanks for reminding me…thinking of “Uncle Jim” with appreciation. Steve’s brother-in-law’s birthday is tomorrow, so even his family now has an August cluster. (My brother-in-law, and brother, and grandmother are also included. Isn’t Thanksgiving a busy time! 😉

  2. Happy Birthday, Priscilla! 🙂

    I enjoyed this photo essay on Steve’s shoes. Well worn is well loved, huh?

    Re: Josephine Baker – you commented on Bardo – she was very much an activist and had high ideals. She is also the only American-born woman to receive complete military honores at her funeral in France.

    • I suppose they do. Steve imagines Sherlock Holmes looking at his shoes and making deductions…”Hmm, these belong to a man, six foot two, with salt & pepper hair tied in a ponytail…”


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