Wednesday Words: for Steve

Your fragile skin is smooth and taut, a drum head.

Shadows surround your bones.

Your waning flesh a cry for mercy.

You dream 

a hermit’s life

of walking at a slower pace


Steve in profile

* Steve became a City Carrier Assistant for the US Postal Service in April.  His sister and his father have both had long careers in the P.O. Steve has left a lifestyle of self employment in the online bookselling business in order to make fast money with overtime and extended hours walking a city mail route.  This is a temporary solution designed to retire some debt.  At six foot two inches tall, he now weighs only 155 lbs – less than he weighed in high school.  In the sanctuary of his home office, surrounded by stacks and stacks of used books and melodies of Handel, Beethoven, Schubert and Mahler, he is a happier person.  Scholar & Poet Books is his personal work.  Walking the footpaths of Wisconsin is his preferred route.  He longs to return to this Walden by the time he turns 50 years old. *

15 thoughts on “Wednesday Words: for Steve

  1. Heartfelt and I felt it in my heart.. I am glad you have each other. Many of us are not designed for the full onslaught of capitalist living and need a slower pace, one more in keeping with the nature of human beings.

  2. Debt retirement….I do like that.
    And I do like the words that start this post……(Scillagrace?).

    I hope those debts retire quickly and he can give up delivering words and get back to delivering words.

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