20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: By the waters

    • I couldn’t help adding the title because the song implies a mood that pervades Steve’s nature and some specific decisions he’s contemplating this week. “By the waters, the waters of Babylon, we lay down and wept, and wept for thee, Zion.” A picture paints a thousand words, and water paints a thousand moods, I think.


    • Wow! Just caught some footage of the subway steps in NYC, and it definitely resembles this river. Well, that’s a different mood, too! Be well nevertheless!

      • “The symbol of the goat rising from the body of a fish represents with greatest propriety the mountainous buildings of Babylon rising out of its low and damp situation; the two horns of the goat being emblematic of the two towns, Nineveh and Babylon, the former built on the Tigris, the latter on the Euphrates; but both subjected to one sovereignty.”

        By the waters of Babylon…. Everything is connected, and every one. 🙂


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