9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Home economics

    • Underneath there, somewhere, is the living room couch. These boxes are standing by to be recycled as shipping containers for the items we’re selling….which are piled up in boxes all over the living room floor. We have a narrow passage to the only exit from our house just to the left of this couch. I am feeling somewhat claustrophobic this week…. When’s Spring?


      • Well it’s not coming here.. I am on hilday a few hours drive away in Shropshire.. a beautiful county in England. Due to leave Friday morning but looking loike I will need to leave Thurday evening because very heavy snow forecast for where I am staying Thursday night to Saturday…. and I’m pretty much in the back of beyond so not risking staying the last night..

    • Kind of fun picking out the cultural references….Starbucks, Coors, etc…and thinking about our “modern” life of consumerism and how we do, or don’t, take responsibility for it.

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