Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

The challenge for this week is Future Tense.  I admit, thinking about the future often makes me tense, anxious, sometimes panicky.  I have a vivid imagination and a lot of irrational fears.  And I’m working on breathing, living in the present moment, all those Buddhist practices that address those thought patterns that Western Pragmatism put into my head.   The OMG! your children, your finances, your health, your retirement….you must have a PLAN for the future, you must be PREPARED, if you’re not anxious, you obviously haven’t grasped the situation!!!!  There are DANGERS out there in life!   

Do you think life is something to be feared?  Do you think life is a wonderful adventure, naturally unfolding, peaceful and harmonious and without judgment?  How do you want to live your life?  You have a choice. 

path to the dark side

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

  1. There seems to be less and less real choice as many struggle in this modern world to which human beings are not really suited…. don’t start me!! 😉 I love this photo and methinks I have seen it before. Am I right?

    • I figure we always have at least 3 choices: run away (physically or emotionally), change the situation, change yourself. This is similar to another boardwalk shot from another part of Wisconsin posted previously, but this particular path shot is new. There are a lot of paths through woods in Wisconsin, much to my delight!

  2. LOVELY pic Scilla……
    The change thing and the future thing affect me in different ways…….The future I honestly try to ignore..(Its too big to deal with)….but I do always (well almost always),seem to find a positive in change..sometimes struggling to lift its head above its negative brethren but always there….So I do embrace change, usually welcome some part of it and try to ride rough-shod over the bad bits and get to the good new stuff on the other side…..
    Doesn’t always work perfectly….sometimes the little positives don’t seem to be quite what they need to be to get you through, but then change kicks in and you’re somewhere else again, that change is in the past and there’s others clamouring for your attention…In some ways I think the inescapability of the past, and if you think of the past you’re thinking about change,(even shitty change) makes it easier to deal with anything the present comes up with …

    But the future?
    No! Ignore it! Might never happen……..

  3. Theoretically, I might ignore it. Experientially, when you’ve gone through 6 pregnancies, you hear those voices telling you urgently “you’d better be ready for this!” Not that they’re right; they’re just loud!

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