Wordless (NOT!) Wednesday

The excitement is growing.  I cannot be silent!  My oldest daughter is getting married in July and just sent me a link to the blog post of her engagement photo session.  I invite you to enjoy this whimsical, artistic and thoroughly lovely tribute HERE.  Check out that Lord of the Rings paper flower!  A thousand words to make a picture…

Susan is currently finishing up her Masters in Linguistics.  She and Andy met as Spelling Bee rivals when Susan was 11 years old and Andy was 12.  He won.  She hated that…but was drawn to him anyway (rather obsessively).  Finally, when he graduated from Middle School and could no longer compete, she won.  Then they were on the Scholastic Bowl team in High School together.  Can I really post about these word nerds without using words?!  So, pardon my departure from your expectations. 

I have rather a meager collection of photos of them together, but I’m sure that will change dramatically over the years!  I am busily working 4 part time jobs and not taking many new photographs or spending much time on this blog, but I did want to share this highlight of my week…just because it is a source of joy for me.  Finding a kindred spirit, a best friend, a fellow nerd, in this socially-driven but often shallow century may not be a miracle, but it is something to celebrate.  I salute Susan & Andy for figuring out who they are, what they value, how to live from that and how to live in partnership with each other as those things evolve.  Not easy, but definitely worth the energy.  And look what fun they have doing it!!  My deepest respect (and a bit of pride!) goes out to them.   

14 thoughts on “Wordless (NOT!) Wednesday

  1. Wonderful and I loved their blog post with all it’s happy photos and the Lord of the rings paper flowers, such a great idea! and hand tying.. What a great couple ! I wish them much love and happiness in their life together..

    • Thanks so much, Helen! I’m hugging myself with happiness today and just want to share it with anyone who can smile and appreciate this moment. Thanks for being the first!

  2. Charming! and Cheerful! I tried to leave a comment, but you have to sign in. I gave up after that …

    How wonderful for you. I was beside myself excited when my son was getting married. They had an egagement session too. I don’t that years ago!!?? You?

    Hope with that schedule you are taking care of you.

    • My husband and I had a friend from high school who took engagement photos of us in the park the morning of my 20th birthday, after he gave me my ring; beautiful black & white portraits. Then I put the ring away until dinner, when my husband could ask my parents’ permission and present it to me in front of them. Wonderful memories! We weren’t married for another year and a half.


  3. Hi Mama, thanks for posting the blog post so I could see the pictures! I absolutely adore the one of Susan looking at Andy. These photos fit them so well and I can’t wait to celebrate their wedding. I love you!

    • Hi, sweet girl! Susan tells me that during that shot they were trying to look at each other “seriously” without cracking up. She confided it didn’t last very long! But I love the shot. Soon…. 🙂

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