Weekly Photo Challenge: The Alphabet

A is for Art, B is for Bernie, C is for “Comming Soon”…. and I didn’t follow this prompt to the letter in constructing my gallery. However, it raises some interesting questions, such as:

How many letters are in the Post Office in Embarrass, Wisconsin? 

What does “Recombobulation” mean, anyway?

What do you make of the printed word?

And finally, what will be written on your grave marker?



Wordless (NOT!) Wednesday

The excitement is growing.  I cannot be silent!  My oldest daughter is getting married in July and just sent me a link to the blog post of her engagement photo session.  I invite you to enjoy this whimsical, artistic and thoroughly lovely tribute HERE.  Check out that Lord of the Rings paper flower!  A thousand words to make a picture…

Susan is currently finishing up her Masters in Linguistics.  She and Andy met as Spelling Bee rivals when Susan was 11 years old and Andy was 12.  He won.  She hated that…but was drawn to him anyway (rather obsessively).  Finally, when he graduated from Middle School and could no longer compete, she won.  Then they were on the Scholastic Bowl team in High School together.  Can I really post about these word nerds without using words?!  So, pardon my departure from your expectations. 

I have rather a meager collection of photos of them together, but I’m sure that will change dramatically over the years!  I am busily working 4 part time jobs and not taking many new photographs or spending much time on this blog, but I did want to share this highlight of my week…just because it is a source of joy for me.  Finding a kindred spirit, a best friend, a fellow nerd, in this socially-driven but often shallow century may not be a miracle, but it is something to celebrate.  I salute Susan & Andy for figuring out who they are, what they value, how to live from that and how to live in partnership with each other as those things evolve.  Not easy, but definitely worth the energy.  And look what fun they have doing it!!  My deepest respect (and a bit of pride!) goes out to them.   


It’s bitter cold and sunny outside today.  A crisp, bright world, intensely interesting.  Here are some things that have captured my attention:

frost on my bedroom window

I doctored these shots a bit, which I rarely do.  There’s so much to explore in photography, even when you don’t have the latest equipment.

My mother sent me this last night.  It evoked those happy tears I told you about.

Steve brought a book to breakfast that my mother and father would love.  It’s called The Superior Person’s Book of Words by Peter Bowler and includes such delightful entries as:

“CALEFACIENT — a.  A medicinal agent producing a feeling of warmth.  ‘Calefacient, anyone?’ you inquire as you pass around the cognac.”

I am creating, with Steve, an Art Trivia Game to be debuted at a dinner party at Steve’s sister’s house celebrating Chinese New Year.  I will also be baking almond cookies to bring to the affair.  The first effort is challenging me to be humorous and inventive.  The second will require that I follow instructions precisely.  I’ll let you know if I succeed at either of those.  I do know that I’m succeeding in keeping myself entertained!

Be warmed and be well, my friends.  It’s a wonderful world we live in!