Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

What’s “Up”?  This week’s photo challenge theme…a movie I never saw…my youngest child’s very first word (although she said it ‘uppy’ meaning, “Please pick me up, Mommy!”).  What’s up with me?  I’ve been working at Discovery World Museum and keeping our home business, Scholar & Poet Books, running, so I haven’t been online for two days.  But I am up for this! (and down with it as well)  The sky’s the limit!  Things are definitely looking UP!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

    • Ah, yes…the unexplainable tree footwear. I don’t have any of tennis shoes on the power wires, but it’s the same sort of phenomena, perhaps!


    • I can’t claim to have taken that one, obviously. Must’ve been one of the rare occasions that Mom took the Leica out of Dad’s hands and took one of him. I’m SOOOOOoooo glad she did, because this is precious to me. He passed away from Alzheimer’s 3 years ago.


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