Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

This week’s prompt for the photo challenge is “Culture”: a broad topic, an umbrella under which humanity sits.  I tend to spend more time with the artifacts of a culture than with big groups of people.  Steve & I sell used books and estate sales items and see a lot of different artifacts of this last century.  We work at a living history museum and handle artifacts from the 19th century.  And we find artifacts from this century around the neighborhood.  So, I thought I’d share a mosaic of shots I’ve taken showing some American artifacts of different centuries.  I hope you have fun trying to identify them!

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

    • Yup…a gnome…in sandals…drinking beer. Is that Scandinavian? Californian? German? Hard to tell. Kitsch is a Yiddish word that transcends cultures!


  1. only the curved frame finally revealed the nature of the photo with cement blocksl–the tv icon lives on, despite the zenith round anomaly.

    • Exactly! I’m surprised at the “artifacts” I find abandoned in the woods. Whole rusted cars, headstones, things that seem completely out of their element….and you wonder when “the woods” came into the picture. Isn’t it fun being a bit of a detective? 🙂


  2. Where was the photo of the room with the old stove taken???
    You are really fortunate; how exciting to get to see so many treasures from the past! This is such a nice response to the theme of ‘culture’.

    • The stove is in the Hafford House at Old World Wisconsin where I work on Sundays and Mondays. I’ve cooked Irish soda bread and various stews on this stove as well as demonstrating 19th Century laundry techniques. It’s my ‘home-away-from-home’, so to speak! 🙂

  3. … and it all happens under one sky. Fine spin on the topic, Scilla.

    Thank you for the visits to “Bardo” and your comments. They add the gift of enrichment. You are always full of true insight and delightful suprises. I’ll make sure the contributors see them.

    Be well and blog on …

    • Thanks, Jamie! I am truly enjoying “Bardo” and seeing my favorite bloggers over there as well as meeting new people. It feels like a community that is on a wavelength that meshes very nicely with mine!

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