15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Looking Up

  1. Nice photos and thanks for the James Taylor. I finally got to hear him play last year. He gave a great concert. A very generous and gentle musician.

  2. Lovely post Scilla. I’ve loved James Taylor since 1970. Beautiful sky. I like your take on looking up – things are looking up. 🙂

    • Thanks, Mary. That sky was a beautiful, peaceful alternative to the noise and violence of fireworks this last weekend. Glad this land is big enough that I can exercise my choice, and that I’m privileged to have a car. Feeling compassion for those who don’t have those options when the bombs are bursting in air.

  3. Great take on looking up, Scilla. I hadn’t heard JT’s song before and played it twice! Looking up at the sky always lifts my spirits. Your cloud shots are a great reminder. M

    • Wide open sky gives me the feeling of expansiveness and freedom. A great antidote to feeling stuck. We had a huge thunderstorm on Thursday – buckets of rain – a Midwestern specialty.

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