Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

The most eerie place in town is the abandoned poor farm, insane asylum, and tuberculosis sanitorium on the Milwaukee County Grounds.  Even more eerie, this place is now in development and the largest chunk of green space we had is now becoming a Technology and Innovation Center (read: big, modern buildings and roads).  My blog post and photos of this place can be found HERE.  Sample photos:


32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

    • Definitely the monochrome changes the golden afternoon sun into a shadowy aura of ambivalent light. This was taken with an older digital camera, not my new Canon, and is hence more grainy and historical in quality somehow. Thanks for visiting!

    • It’s got the historical connections with death, madness, poverty and all, doesn’t it? It’s sad that it’s now a modern tech/commercial place with roads. “Discovery Parkway” they call it.

  1. I missed the first post back in February last year…..But, What an atmospheric selection of shots…

    I’m still giggling about your answer to Mrs Carmichael…..
    Sounds like you’d be happier were it still all death, madness, and poverty…..’The Good Old Days’.

      • I’m all for genuine!!!
        Wood over plastic, books over tv, home-cooked over ready meal, L.Reed over M.Cyrus, the list goes on….
        But I’m struggling a little with death, madness and poverty…Cant help thinking a decent bit of tarmacadam and a few offices might just be a nose ahead….

      • The pictures speak for themselves. You like the gallery….I could take some pictures of how it is now: boring, just like everywhere else.


  2. 🙂
    I think you have the bit between your teeth on this one……I LOVE THE GALLERY!!!….But photogenic as they probably are, I don’t really want a return to rickets, TB, and straight jackets purely for aesthetic reasons….
    I am however prepared to sign any petition you might care to get going to have Discovery Parkway smart-bombed immediately……

    • I don’t really want to return to rickets, TB and the rest either, but I do want to keep the reminders around….like those old castles in Spain!


      • Yes…Buts thats not what I like about it……Those are the bits I deliberately put to the back of my mind..I think of princesses on Lipizzaner stallions…..elegant sword fights between laughing cavaliers …..and bunny rabbits…don’t know why, but I do like to think of bunny rabbits in Castle settings?????

      • Bunny rabbits, sure, skinned and roasted, their furry pelts keeping your tootsies warm. Lippizaners live in Vienna, but I suppose your princess could have gotten one as a gift. The mind is a jumble of curious associations…


      • Lippizaners are the horses used by the Royal Andalucian Riding School in Jerez..
        In the mid 18thC Charles the third gave several Cartuja stallions to an Austrian princess..these were the ancestors of the Lipizzaners……
        So you’re perfectly right about the gift…just the other way around…

      • I think we would be wise to keep some of the buildings of these terrible places.. if for no other reason than to remind ourselves of how those with mental health problems, and learning disabilities too, were treated… not well ! back in the 70’s I worked in a massive hospital for people with learning disabilities. The building had been a workhouse and was very grim indeed and what were peiople with LD doing there anyway.. they weren’t ill !!

      • I get a lot out of museums as they help me to visualize a way of life from days of old. Buildings are great visual aids, and preserving them really helps us to understand how people lived.

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