Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Wisconsin horizon

Wisconsin horizon

Ever since I was a young girl, I have been enamored of “rolling hills” and farmland.  My third grade class studied farm machinery and went out to the plains of Illinois to see a farm.  It was nice, but when I caught a glimpse of Kentucky and Iowa on a family trip that summer, I raved about the “rolling hills”.   Now I am living up in Wisconsin, where ice age glaciers left deposits across most of the state in landforms known as moraines, kames, drumlins, and eskers.  I am in heaven when I venture west from the city of Milwaukee and wind my way around farms nestled between these ancient hills.   I am planning to aim toward this horizon more intentionally in the future.  Steve & I are hoping to move next year to a more rural village and live a simpler, slower life.  May we all reach our desired horizons before the darkness comes!

P.S. to enjoy this horizon in a wider view, just click on the picture!

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

  1. Wisconsin is a beautiful state…the photo reminded me of many places I’ve lived or been with rolling hills and they bring a sense of serenity. Here, in the Sierra Nevada, we have towering peaks. So much beauty all over…unique wherever we are.

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