We Are All Connected

After being on the road for 10 days, Steve & I returned to our home in Wisconsin for a period of re-assessment and research.  When Steve logged onto the internet, the local news reported a shocking story.  A gunman had entered the spa where we had our hair cut just days before we left on our trip, and in a violent outburst, killed 3 women who worked there and himself.   I found out today that one of the three victims was the lady who cut my hair, Maelyn Lind.  She took two of the pictures that are featured on my last blog post: the one of me and the “after” shot of the two of us.  You can read the news report here.  *an additional story from her family is here.

I have not been in any hair salon for the past 3 years.  I do not intend to go to another for quite some time.  I only knew Maelyn for an hour.  The likelihood of our intersection was based on the slimmest percentage, and yet, we did meet.  And 13 days later, she was killed.  Domestic violence, gun violence, is part of our culture.  We will all be effected sooner or later.  This makes me incredibly sad, and it makes me wonder how our community is addressing this common and destructive issue.  When we introduce guns to people, be it through the military, through the police, through recreation or any other avenue, we are introducing an instrument of devastation into situations that we can neither predict nor police.  Do we really want to make it so easy for the elements of catastrophe to come together?

I respect this lady, her work, her family, her life.  I am deeply disappointed that an act of supreme disrespect cut her life short.  May she rest in peace; may all beings be freed from suffering.   And may we all take responsibility for finding ways to avoid violence in our communities.

14 thoughts on “We Are All Connected

    • It is almost impossible to understand, but trying to leads to greater compassion. The man must have been suffering such anger and despair.


  1. Dear Scilla, that is so shocking. I am so sorry this happened, and so sorry this kind of senseless violence has struck so close to home for you. Your response was so eloquent, so beautifully expressed–I think you should send it into your newspaper’s editorial column, because more people need to read it, and to hear a quiet sane voice address this tragedy.

  2. Tremendously sad Scilla but you are right love and compassion have to be extended to everyone. If you have a gun in your hand lives can be taken in a split second before you even have time to really think about what you are doing.. Killing is too easy and every minute of life has to be enjoyed because we never know when it will end..

    I am glad you have made a submission to the local paper..

    I would normally be saying welcome home but now it is wholly inappropriate..

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