Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Steve and I donated our hair to Locks of Love yesterday.  Ten inches each.  A wonderful way to re-purpose hair if you don’t have your own compost pile.  We got our cuts for free and were left with enough to still pull into a ponytail so that hair care on our camping trip will be a bit easier.  Thanks to MaeLyn and Megan at Azana Spa in Brookfield, we are now ready to roll down the road a bit freer and easier!  Here’s a gallery of shots of the event:

8 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. Brill Barnetts…………….
    I myself had my ends coiffed yesterday…(though I’m still aiming towards 10 inches.One of the benefits of not technically having a ‘proper’ job is that I can allow my lustrous golden flowing follicles to fully form for the first time in years)…
    Enjoy camp.

      • Brill…brilliant.
        Barnetts…Barnett Fair/hair…cockney rhyming slang..

        I thought both would have crossed the water. 🙂

        Now I need a ‘lucky dip’ so I’m off up the ‘apples and pears’……

    • How is it we colonials are supposed to communicate in our Mother Tongue when you keep making up new words?! 😀 We should be rolling out tomorrow, but as there are storm systems sweeping through the northeast, we may head southeast or west first. It’s all an adventure!


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