Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Something Red

Patti starts out this week’s challenge with this observation:

Sometimes in the middle of winter, the world is reduced to stark shades of black and white.

No kidding? This is what I saw out my front door this morning.

It was as if I’d stepped into a infrared photograph. But no, this is just Wisconsin in January after 2 days of wet snow.

So, I am definitely ready to step into a RED photograph right about now! Now, that looks cozier! Let’s see if I can find some more…

Yes, Patti, that color definitely brightens up the scene…and my mood! Thanks for a great challenge!

28 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Something Red

  1. I smiled when I saw your first images. That’s really what I was imagining! Your red collection is wonderfully uplifting and cheerful. Thanks for all the red “cheer.”

    • Yep, you nailed it. “Stark shades of black and white” actually came out bluish in my photos, so I switched on the monochrome setting to make the sky and the snow the light grey that they are. I would love to have spotted a cardinal at my feeder, but no such luck.

    • That “dusting” has accumulated to about a foot of snow on the ground. Even the wire housing around my roses had a couple of inches piled on top of the thin surfaces! Thanks for your comment, John. 🙂

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