Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Favorite Photos of 2019

Favorite Photos of 2019 is Patti’s pick for the theme of this last Lens-Artists Photo Challenge of the year. She organized her eight top shots by category and included a ballot to collect votes for her readers’ favorites. Check out her excellent Challenge HERE.


I have selected 12 of my favorite photos from 2019 to make into a Retrospective Calendar. I have to admit that the photos were not necessarily taken in the month to which I assigned them for this gallery. What that means is that some months, I did not take any great photos…and in others I took more than one.

These photos all have special meaning for me, and I hope that you find them interesting for your own reasons. If you would care to comment about your favorites, that would really be uplifting to me. Thank you!

May 2020 provide you with at least 12 great shots and many more great memories!


30 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Favorite Photos of 2019

  1. The sister cats!!! I could go into technical reasons why the composition, light values, contrasts & tones, or sociological resonance make this a stellar shot, but I’m commenting to uplift and not inform. Those cats tickle my heart over and over again on each arm I see them, whenever I get to see them.

    • Thank you, Patti. I was trying to figure out how to vote for multiple shots on your post, but as soon as I selected a new one, the first one vanished, so I only voted for one. But there were many favorites!

      • Hi, Priscilla. Thank you!! That’s wonderful to hear–in terms of several favorites. Too bad about the voting. I had set it to multiple options, but I guess that didn’t work! All the best to you in the new year.

  2. I like the water droplets and I also like November because of the mysterious/mystical quality of the light. But I especially like December because I look forward to seeing you on West Coast beaches in person in 2020!

  3. March, June, November and of course December are those that most resonated with me Priscilla, but all are wonderful. Thanks for your continued support and Happy New Year to tou

    • That’s my middle daughter on the beach in Oregon. I love that it shows the exuberant personality she’s had since childhood. Sometimes that’s hard to hang on to once you’re over 30. I’m glad she’s still got it! All the best in 2020 to you, Meg.

  4. Such a wonderful variety of photos – from macro droplets (!) to a sweet young helper looking straight at the camera. I am most intrigued by February and December. The moods leap out.
    I can see why these photos are favorites!

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