Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Harmony

“There is no true greatness in art or science without a sense of harmony.”

Albert Einstein

Greatness is a pretty tough challenge. Harmony is a tough challenge as well. Technically, emotionally, socially, it is not easy to make music. I have a B.A. in Music/Vocal Performance, and almost two years ago, I took up the violin. Professionals make it look almost easy. I had no idea how difficult it is until I tried to produce some kind of pleasing sound whilst scraping a horsehair bow over a metal wire. The idea is rather ludicrous…as were my first attempts. Why do would-be musicians even bother? 

This evening, my eldest daughter is performing Mahler’s 8th Symphony with the Madison Symphony Chorus…and a host of other musicians. After all, it’s the “Symphony of a Thousand”. Tomorrow, I am performing Mozart’s Solemn Vespers and Lauridsen’s Lux Aeterna in a basilica known as Holy Hill.

It’s impossible to imagine the number of hours that go into producing a concert, from composition to performance. Similarly, from learning to speak to writing poetry, what motivates humans to communicate? Why bother to go further than grunting out urgent pain or danger?

There is something sublime, something divine in experiencing the mystery of being alive in a moment. Music is LIFE in a moment. Photography is LIFE in a moment. It is breath-taking, poignant, exhilarating to be able to show someone that LIFE and feel that they resonate with that experience. That is harmony — experiencing the resonance of LIFE with another being. 

As a Lens-Artist, I hope to show you something that touches a chord. Thank you, Tina, for the invitation to be part of this challenge and share the art I’ve practiced. 

12 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Harmony

  1. Priiscilla – and how wonderful you must feel as music fills your life with joy. I remember once trying to play a violin in a music store and was amazed at how something sos beautiful could sound so awful LOL. Needless to say, I decided on piano as my instrument :-). Have a wonderful concert – loved your response this week.

  2. What a wonderful way to look at harmony. As you know I sing with a barbershop chorus, for whom harmony is everything … well not quite everything. It is also about performance, as I’m sure (as a singer) you understand very well; about understanding the meaning of the lyrics and engaging an audience with that meaning … that feeling. I had a conversation with Corina recently, in which we talked about the feeling that poetry conveys. But all art is about feeling. Your photographs convey a variety of feelings.

    By the way, I love Lauridsen. My chamber choir have the Magnum Mysterium on our repertoire. You must also be very proud of your daughter.

    • Thanks for your visit and comment, John! Yes, I’m very proud of my daughter. She’s actually the one who introduced me to Lauridsen when she did the Magnum Mysterium in college. His tonal palette is quite recognizable. I’m tracing the progress in our string quartet from technical proficiency to getting “off the dots” and being able to convey feeling. We have yet to have an audience, though. It’s quite a learning curve!

  3. Two years ago you started to play violin and yesterday you had a concert in a church? 😮 Playing violin? Excellent! I’m sure it was most wonderful. (Or is it today?)

    I love all your photos of performers and other photos too but the absolute stunning intimate favourite is – you know which one. 🙂 Thank you for sharing! The best kind of harmony.

  4. Congratulations to your and your daughter’s music performances!
    Beautiful photo gallery for harmony!
    Sorry for being later visiting your site, I just came back from my birding trip. 🙂

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