Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

I’m gonna show my age and admit that when I hear the word “structure”, I can’t help remembering Madeline Kahn in Paper Moon telling Tatum O’Neill that she’s got good ‘bone struck-cha’. 

How my sisters and I giggled over that line!

I do love the resilience of ancient structures, man-made…

…and natural. 

I wonder what structures will crumble in my lifetime, and which will remain for my children’s children. What kind of masonry am I working on now? I work for a Land Trust. I like to think I’m working on building a network of green space that will resist development…forever. 


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

  1. Madeline Kahn was amazing. I loved her in so many movies…I think my favorite character was Eunice in “What’s Up Doc.”

    • Thanks, Andy! I checked up on you and found it a coincidence that you’re in Scotland…my boss at the Conservancy is there right now dropping her daughter off at the University of St. Andrews. I am hoping that we will be able to keep our 2400+ acres naturally structured in perpetuity. Thanks for your moral support!

      • You’re welcome scilla ☺You’re boss’s daughter should love it up at St Andrews, not only is it a great university, the town itself is really nice. I’ll definitely keep my fingers crossed, 2400+ acres is a decent sized piece of land, it would be awful if ever they built on it!!!

      • That’s certainly of benefit to the wildlife, it no doubt means there is some variation in habitat 🙂
        That’s a great word Scilla, ‘contiguous’, I must confess to having had to go and look it up, but from your description, it describes Cedar Lakes perfectly 🙂

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