Weekly Photo Challenge: Corner

Standing on the corner…is this a familiar corner? Or are you just passing through this place, this place in time and history? Where are you headed? Straight on? Or will you decide to turn? Which way? Right? Left? Or a complete turn-about?
So many decisions, choices that could lead to adventure or conflict or character change. 

Whatever corner of the world, whatever corner of your life journey you find yourself standing at…I wish you happiness and peace. 


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Corner

  1. Hi Scilla. Went Stargazing with a Japanese astronomer last night! What a galaxy we are part of! And The Milky Way! Thanks for your way with words!

    • The stars and the Milky Way over my head when I was camping in New Mexico put me at the corner of one arm of a galaxy…and I loved hanging out there, watching all the worlds twirl by!

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