Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimism is a Choice!

Good things are on the horizon.  There’s a pink dawn behind the frost on my second story window.


I feel hopeful that the new day will be fair.

victory 2

I believe we can always try to do better, that we don’t arrive, we practice.

With hard work and perseverance, we CAN clean up a mess and get things in better order.  (I’ve lived here with Steve for 5 years; for the first time, we have all our clothes stored out of sight.)


I believe that ‘obstacles’ and ‘obligations’ are simply the wrong terms for ‘opportunities’.  (My daughter quit her job and went back to college this week!)

optimistic 2

I am an optimist, an idealist, and proud of it!  The glass is waiting; FILL IT UP!



9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimism is a Choice!

  1. I thought I had already written a comment here but I do not see it so will write it again. It’s ironic that you have written this post when I have just written one about depression. Yours made me smile which is always a good thing 🙂

    • And I’m going to watch the video and then possibly share your post on Facebook. I have so many loved and cherished people in my life who have struggled with depression for a long time. My own experience has been limited to postpartum depression, but I do remember how that felt. And some of the things you wrote were the precise words out of my loving husband’s mouth. So…you nailed it. It’s somehow comforting to know it’s not just you…and then you wonder why it’s so many people altogether. I do think existential pace and distraction has something to do with the answer.

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