Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition, part 2

intricate 2Dawn in the Whisker Lake Wilderness

The “fringe” areas of the wild, where forest meets water, where sun meets horizon, are the most dynamic, teeming with diverse life and activity.  In the solid middle of the night, or noon-day, it is quieter.  The excitement of these transitional spaces is palpable.  I rise at dawn to greet the sun with the birds and the frogs and the porcupine, rummaging in the leaves.  I am thrilled by the feeling of life and change and movement. My eyes and ears and heart are open to what is happening. NOW is a transition, a flowing joy.


17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition, part 2

  1. Most definitely early risers. I like to be on the road before the crazies and big rigs. We spend the night in Lone Pine and run into this going either north or south. I relish seeing the sunrise or sunset around Whitney and other parts of the Eastern Sierra…I had a friend who used to call it “God in the movies!”

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