Weekly Photo Challenge: On or Off the Grid?

To grid or not to grid?  That is the question.  Grids are man-made structures, frameworks onto which we hang our systems – and sometimes hang ourselves, I think.  They are made of straight lines and intersections, rigid and often unforgiving.   They can be useful…or they can take over and dominate our landscape, our thinking, our creativity.  A wise person knows when to go “off grid”.  Where are you today – on or off the grid?



9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On or Off the Grid?

  1. Good question. Good post, Priscilla. I just put up your other on “The BeZine” blog, my blog, and posted or scheduled links to 100TPC Group Discussion Page on FB, Keeping It Simple etc., my Arts and Humanities FB Page, The Bardo Group/Beguine Again FB page, my personal FB page and twitter. Thanks for all. Happy day …

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