You Know It’s Summer When…

  • You go to punch out at the time clock after work and there’s a bowl of freezer pops and a scissors beside the machine.

  • You’re too hot to cook, so you end up at the local Mexican restaurant drinking a frozen margarita in your Indian print drawstring skirt and sandals.

  •   It’s a race to see who can get down to wearing next to nothing as soon as you get inside the house.

  • You’ve got all the windows open after the sun goes down, and you can hear dog-walkers chatting together on the sidewalk every 5 minutes.

  • The squeaky ceiling fan becomes your bedtime lullaby.

  • The thunderstorm that’s predicted for 2 a.m. gives you that secret thrill that you look forward to in your dreams.

Sweet summer night, my friends.  Tomorrow when it’s cooler, I’ll tell you a story about my sister. 

10 thoughts on “You Know It’s Summer When…

  1. I could eat a BAG of chocolate croissants these days ! Summer has definitely decided to skip France this summer ; we have mushrooms on our lawn ! In June !!! I envy you your brilliant sunshine 😉 Enjoy.

  2. Too hot to cook? Wearing next to nothing? And what is a ceiling fan for? Right now, up here in the North of England, the temperature is struggling to get into double figures. So I’m living vicariously through your post.

      • They seem pretty similar to me. WHen I was in England I noticed that they have a kind of gull sporting a black head, which was very noticeably different. I’m not that observant when it comes to those things. There are 18 types of warblers, and any one of their songs would sing as sweet.

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