Be Cool!

Even though the calendar says that summer is still officially 2 days away, I beg to differ.  It’s 94 degrees F and humid here in Wisconsin.  Let’s just call it summer already!  At work, folks are already bringing in treats like ice cream sandwiches, freezer pops and a keg of root beer with a cooler of vanilla ice cream for making floats.  People stand around talking about the heat, which, frankly, doesn’t improve anything.  We work at an outdoor living history museum; we don’t have air conditioning, just like people for centuries didn’t have air conditioning.  I don’t have air conditioning in my 21st century home, either.  It’s not that big a deal!  Slow down, strip down, get wet, make a breeze, and evaporation will happen eventually.  And while you’re waiting, silent and still, be amazed at how much life is thriving around you!  Summertime!! 


2 thoughts on “Be Cool!

  1. Dear Scilla, these are lovely photos. I like what you said about the heat. It really makes a difference, depending upon what you do to get through it. We get a week or maybe even two of really hot weather in Seattle, but I’m a sweater weather person, so the temperate climate suits me perfectly. We get some pretty fall colors, but nothing as brilliant as what you get, and I do miss that!

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