Old School

“Please excuse Priscilla’s absence from the blogosphere yesterday.  Her make-up work will be completed on time.”  Signed by my mother.  Do I need an excuse?  I was tired.  The week of training is now complete.  We are ready to open on May 1st.  Here are some shots to whet your appetite; I promise that I will be posting more anecdotes and photos from my new job at Old World Wisconsin.  Imagine filling up your tank with gasoline while dressed in 19th century clothing…and then going inside and asking to use the rest room.  Imagine stopping by the post office on your way home from work dressed like this as well.  Yes, we did these things.  So far no one has asked for an explanation.  In the case of the Postal employees, they know us really well and we’ve been talking about this for weeks.  They were thrilled.  As for the gas station, it was one in the same town, so I’m sure they’re used to costumed customers.  Oh, I should tell you that I’ve decided to drop the poetry challenge.  I really enjoyed the challenge when I had more free time, now it seems like an obligation that I don’t want to fulfill.  So, thanks for the good time, NaPoWriMo, but I’m moving on!

This one's for Helen because she wanted to see my corset!

Me & Steve in full garb. I have a different outfit for weekends when I am in the village church. This is my farm wife costume.

This is the bake house or summer kitchen where I will be teaching kids to knead dough while talking to them about life on the farm.

More to come, friends.  I now need to spend some time cleaning my 21st century house in preparation for a visit from my middle daughter tomorrow!

15 thoughts on “Old School

  1. LOVE IT… great corset Scilla and I love the face you are pulling when you took it :).. a great photo of you and Steve, you certainly both look the part.. We know what you are doing but what will Steve be doing?

  2. Congratulations on the new job, Priscilla ! It sounds perfect for you 😉 ! But you’re wearing WINTER costumes, right ? Tell me, this isn’t what you’ll wear this SUMMER ?! A corset in August, OMG !!! 🙂 I hope you and Steve have a good time working there ; I’m sure there will never be a dull moment !

    • Bonjour Janet! I’m so glad to hear you’re keeping up on this saga! Actually, this is my summer outfit augmented by a wool jacket and shawl, but the corset and the two petticoats stay with me through the hot weather. Luckily, they’re all cotton. The stone buildings are VERY cold this week because the temperatures are only just above freezing overnight. I suspect they will stay maybe a little cooler in the summer, but when I am cooking on a wood stove, I expect I’ll be quite warm. It’ll be interesting to feel the climate differences without any “technology” to even things out. Oh, but you live in a stone house that’s about 400 years old, right? They must be at least liveable.

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