Treasure Cave

I was up early this morning and sat through 6 hours of information in training for my new job, most of it filling out administration paperwork.   My post today is a small escape into creativity, but I fear it lacks the patience and pace of a truly open process.  So be it.  The poetry prompt from NaPoWriMo for today was to write a poem inspired by a photo.  The site provided 3 photos, but I have my own to post, so I let them act as my muse.  I promised spelunking and sunsets, and posted a shot yesterday of myself disappearing into a cave in the bluffs over the Mississippi River.  Here is what I found:

Treasure Cave

Spreading fertile earth, penetrated by relentless drops,

Her fragile rock abducted by the wind,

Exposing a shameful cavity of twisted darkness.

The damp mystery in danger of collapse

Now sheltered in a chamber of aged secrets.

4 thoughts on “Treasure Cave

  1. crevice in the earth:
    bright light left behind
    to relish a dark
    batblind wandering
    twisting past earthen bowels’
    lime smooth ripple walls
    sculpted by the drip of time.
    Cold silent earth womb beckons
    Too soon for the grave
    Too late to turn back
    Until the oracle speaks
    Her cryptic truth.
    What lies inside?
    beating heart careful breath
    alone in stone embrace
    vision for another step
    finger traced along the walls.
    Descend into question marks
    rising like gooseflesh
    stalagmites on a wary nape
    where buried shadows kiss downward
    with stalactite solid pendulous
    force from above.
    No sign of Ali Baba’s treasure
    in this cave of wonder
    until the last sesame of fear
    opens up in surrender.

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