No Bull

Today’s poetry prompt from NaPoWriMo is to write a parody poem.  Inspired by the prospect of another basketball game tonight, I decided to go for a tribute to the Chicago Bulls ala Edgar Allan Poe.  This is a project that is now taking up WAAYYY too much of my morning.  So, here are two verses, some photos and a polite exit so that I can spend time with Steve’s family.

Join the running of the Bulls –

Chicago Bulls!

In computer graphic imagery upon a screen so full

How they rumble, rumble, rumble

Down the wide Chicago streets!

Toward the stadium they stumble

At the enemy they grumble

And their digital hoof beats

Growing near, near, near

Filling lesser hearts with fear

As their mesmerizing energy upon your senses pulls

Seeing bulls, bulls, bulls, bulls,

Bulls, bulls, bulls–

Seeing snorting, fuming, sporting cartoon bulls!


See the dance team of the Bulls –


With their long, loose hair a-flyin’ and their outfits minimal

See their skanky bodies shakin’

And their pom-poms all a-quakin’

While the players calmly practice with the ball

Getting ready for the game

For the glory or the shame of it all.

Oh! from out the sounding fans

What a gush of harmony is swelling from the stands!

How they cheer

How they leer

At those bodies, healthy bodies

Nicely honed, nicely toned,

The athletic celebration that is Bulls, Bulls, Bulls,

That is Bulls, Bulls, Bulls, Bulls,

Bulls, Bulls, Bulls –

This amazing team of crazy, grazing Bulls.


Wish I had a picture of the enormous bull I saw in New Glarus on Wednesday, but I was too scared to get out of the car and take one!

What's inside the cave? More to come....

4 thoughts on “No Bull

  1. Just got back from the ancestral manor bearing copious hugs from your kinsfolk — Mom kept raving about your photos too! Anyway, long day = short poem. A tweet from the bard:

    RU lk a sumr’s day? No way!
    U R hotter & more chill
    It sux when sumr ends but U live 4ever in my poem.

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