Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochromatic

This is a fun challenge!  I had thought at first that “monochrome” in photography meant black and white.  It’s good to be aware of opportunities to be blue on sky or golden on yellow.  (I feel blue on grey skies often, myself.)  


Photography 101: A Pop of Color

Not to be confused with a soda of color, say Nehi grape or orange… 

Here in the Midwest, ‘pop’ has another meaning.  If I happened to have some, that would make a perfect combination for this theme!  But the pop I have in the ‘fridge is 50/50, and it’s not even as colorful as Mountain Dew.  So… back to the natural world, and natural liquids.


green stream

Green stream at the Madison Arboretum

And perhaps a double pop on this one…

out my window

Out the window

This one is a gentle, soft ‘pip’…


Old World Wisconsin visitor

May you find some eye-popping delight today!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

COLOR!  Wow.  Great photo subject!  It is now April, and color is slowly returning to the palette of the Wisconsin landscape.  Lawns are still brown and dormant, but the little Scilla Siberica is pushing up bright green and blue in my garden.  Hooray!  I’ve been posting black and white photos for months.  It’s time for a change!  I am definitely agreeable to embracing the rainbow…and you can take that as a political statement, too, if you’d like. 

Happy April, everyone!  And Happy Birthday to my son, Joshua – thanks for making my life more colorful!

You’ve Heard of Purple Prose….

…well, today I present: Purple Poetry.   The prompt for today’s National Poetry Writing Month post invites us to compose a piece based on a color.  I have to admit that my first response was to think of the goofy beatnik poetry in Ken Nordine’s Colors album, which Steve has.  “Yellow was in trouble…” and “Green can be a problem..”  If you’ve never heard these, you must.  They’re just too much fun!

So here’s my own word association dream on The Color Purple (no, don’t think of Alice Walker):

Twisting tendrils pulsing poison

Bloody Portuguese placenta

      birth marks and umbilicus

      bruises rhyme with purple wine

      capillary coupling

People eaters robed in splendor

Atmospheric skies at sunset

      mussels in deep, hazy rain

      eggplant mountains majesty

      purple cows and penitents

Pimpernel-ish violet babies

Lilac lavender suspension

     (dot, dot, dot) of disbelief.

And for the shutterbugs, some photos, too!