Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Inspiration

Inspiration…that moment when you draw in breath, a gasp, an awe-filled audible inhalation, the desire to take in the spirit of something beautiful, breath-taking.

I moved to Oregon exactly one year and one week ago. I have been inspired by something about it every single day I’ve been here, I think. The natural communities are incredibly diverse and resilient and interesting and beautiful. Today, for example, I joined a work party collecting camas seeds. These little seeds are nestled in the dried flower petals like beans in maracas. They shake and rattle as you walk through the meadow grass. Indigenous people roasted the bulbs of these plants as a food staple, high in natural sugars, similar to sweet potato. When I returned from this adventure, I walked down my driveway and began collecting blackberries from the invasive Himalayan canes that grow as a huge, prickly nuisance to most landowners, a deliciously irritating problem. They are everywhere. Free food!

This has not been an easy year for me by any means. It hasn’t been an easy year for most people. On top of the universal griefs and fears, I am new in town, isolated, unemployed, and missing my mother who died in October. There are always mornings when I find it hard to get up and get on with my life. But when I look out my window at OREGON, I find motivation to join the young hawks and the gentle deer, step outside and breathe in the rich scent of Douglas fir.

In such a setting, I feel like I belong to the Earth, like a tree taking root and creating a tall, strong life. I’m grateful to have this new inspiration in my life. If you’re curious about previous explanations of my blogging inspiration, visit THIS POST. Thanks to Patti for creating this challenge and sharing her beautiful photos.

20 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Inspiration

  1. Beautiful thoughts and images Priscilla. I’ve followed your journey this year, which like so many includes moments of sadness and pain. Good for you for finding your strength in the beauty around you – I wish you only the best in this new phase of your life.

  2. Dear Priscilla…I shall try to send you a photo of the dogwood tree in front of my church, St Mary’s, here in Tuxedo Park, where I live with middle daughter Anne. The dogwood tree is dedicated to your Mother, and is part of a curving line of memorial dogwoods in front of the church. Love, Aunt Sandy

  3. Hi, Priscilla. What a lovely inspiring place! I’m so glad it has helped you stay engaged and motivated and uplifted this year. It has been a struggle at times. I love your appreciation of nature and its beauty…the sunset, the blackberries, the dew on the lupines. All beautiful and inspiring.

  4. Oh sorry for your loss and for the tough year – and the way you wrote it we could feel the Oregon uplift and the way nature and god’s encouragement is often felt!
    Sending a smile your way today

  5. When I am in need of inspiration–I go to nature and surething I am recharged. I love the wild nature selection esp. the wild strawberry mountain–lovely place, like a piece of paradise, away from harm and pristine beauty.
    I can feel from your writing that you have rooted yourself in these places so it came out as a powerful message.

  6. Truly lovely images, Priscilla. In these difficult times we are out as much as possible, soaking in the land and its beings. Yes, this is a particularly difficult time for losses and isolation. My Nature continue to be a salve for you.

  7. I loved catching up with your blog and the way you go about it. Free food indeed. ❤ Much love and waves over the ocean. I've just had a blogger Crystal and her boyfriend, both from Oregon, over for a week and we toured Italy and Slovenia briefly. Oregon is clearly the place to go next. 🙂 (I wish!)

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