Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Taking a Break

I just came home from a walk along the Ice Age National Scenic Trail to check on the photo challenge theme for this week. Our host, Tina, encourages us to slow down and focus on rest and relaxation. Taking a Break” for me is also “Restoring My Sanity” by being out in nature.

Nothing restores me to a grounded pace as well as hiking in a natural area where the presence of people is the exception to the rule.

Look around. Breathe. Listen. Feel. Birdsong and running water do wonders for the soul. 

An outdoor walk helps me take a break from sitting down at a computer screen…something I spend far too many hours at every day.  And if my feet start to swell and feel hot, dipping them in a cool stream is the perfect antidote. 

And if walking tires you out, you know what to do…

Taking a break is quite natural, of course. (If you can’t tell, that’s a bat sleeping in a tree).

Thanks, Tina, for reminding us to take it easy. It’s a long road, and it’s not a race. 


11 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Taking a Break

  1. A long road, not a race – a perfect ending to your wonderful post Priscilla! I agree with every word of it and very much enjoyed the images (thanks for identifying the bat, I was wondering!!)

    • He was quite a surprise to find in the daytime, and so curled up against the light that it was hard to get a good angle. One of those special treasures you find on a hike and never forget.

    • That urban squirrel, affectionately nicknamed Itchy Twitchy, had chewed a hole in our landlord’s municipal issue trash can over time, and helped himself to an Eggo waffle and and what looked like an almost completely whole chicken leg out of that garbage. I think lying on his stomach helped his digestion somehow!

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