Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose

I love this theme! The mission of getting stuff out of the garbage system and back into useful circulation is part of the vision of Scholar & Poet Books, our home business. We don’t sell just used books but lots of other things we’ve picked up at estate sales and other places along the way. Valuing these castaways goes along with having an endless curiosity and a passion for treading lightly on the planet. You might say that we look at these things as artifacts, the world as a huge museum. 

But for clever, I have to defer to my daughter. She and her husband are proud nerds and bibliophiles. She decided to make some of the flowers for their wedding decor and bouquets out of the pages of well-used books that had lost their covers. 

paper rose

The overall effect was perfect, and perfectly suited to them. 

Remember: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Re-purpose, Refuse! (for more great information about reducing waste, see The Story of Stuff Project).


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose

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  2. I love the paper flower and idea of sharing a book store with thrift store – two of my favorite things. Not sure if I could cut up even an old book but love the creative ideas I have witnessed in my travels.

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  4. I saw an earlier post about someone who’d repurposed old books as wedding decor. i’d never have thought of it and say big cudos to your daughter for her inventiveness and creativity.

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