Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror Question

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, I have a question: 

self portrait

Reflecting on life and love…

Reflecting on family…

dharam kaur

Reflecting on Nature…
monument 2


Aren’t these all just exercises to help us make sense of our selves?  Or perhaps to discover that our selves are happier when senses don’t need to make sense?

abstract reflection

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror Question

  1. Beautiful photos, Scilla!
    Is it Friday already? I guess I’m not doing frames. Haha. Oh well.
    I love your reflection pictures. I haven’t seen the wordpress email yet. Mirrors? Great! I will definitely get mine in. I’m so bad with deadlines though.
    Happy Friday.

  2. Just dropped by – “on accident” as my son used to say! I really like the first and last photos – something to do with the quality and atmosphere of black and white. Really lovely thank you.

  3. Lovely photos.I agree that mirrors help us to make sense. I often wish I’d taken photos in the ‘Hall of Mirrors” at the fairground. They’re absolute nonsense and have me helpless laughing.

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