Weekly Photo Challenge: Change Frames

The south window of my tree-house bedroom is where my eyes gaze whenever I look up from my computer.  My bed is my home office. frame late summerThis has been my home base for 5 years now, in all seasons…

frame fall

safe inside

…and through various moods.

frame b w

But time brings evolution. Things change. I’m anticipating a move this fall, away from this framework and towards my life work. I will get a chance to live outside this particular box. 

outside the frame

This frame has served me well. Very well, and I’m grateful. But it’s time to change frames and let the picture advance. 


Onward and Upward! 


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change Frames

  1. Beautiful frames Scilla. I love the seasons and the passage of time. Time for something new, which I hope is a wonderful place. Always a little sad to leave memories behind, but the important ones will remain. Good luck finding the best place ever!

    • I have found it! It’s a house that was given to the conservation foundation where I work. The fields around it are part of a prairie restoration/nature preserve project we’re doing. It sits on 56 acres of prairie, woodland and wetland. I’m excited!

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