Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant Wedding

jubilant 2

Going through my memory card files, I came across this photo from my daughter’s wedding. Perfect for this theme! There’s only one problem – I don’t think I took this shot. My camera was handed off to my son, who handed it off to his girlfriend, and I think SHE took this picture of him. Hats off to you, Daena Wallace, for this great capture!  Here’s one I did take that day…

time warp

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant Wedding

      • Dear Priscilla, I have been so engaged with work outside the blogosphere that I worried I might have missed something important to you. Does your less-than-jubliant come from the faces you are missing? Whatever it is, I wish I could help. Know that I am sending love your way.

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  2. Great wedding dress, looks like the dancing went really well. Happy One day Anniversary. Bless you and your new families.

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