The Color Green

I’ve never been to Ireland, but I love the color green. I carry a bit of it with me at all times, in my eyes.

I do have a great-grandmother who I think was born there. My grandmother’s name was Marion Keefe McFarland. My husband’s grandmother’s name was Mabelle Claire Mahanna Sargent. Today I think of them, for I knew them both, a little. But mostly, I think of green.

For all of you celebrating Irish, I wish you the best of St. Patrick’s Days!

6 thoughts on “The Color Green

  1. Beautiful green pictures!! What is that next to last one? Some kind of bud?

    • Yes! It’s a bud of a May Apple; a woodland wildflower that bears one or sometimes two flowers under the canopy of a great leaf. The flowers will turn into little green “apples” that are not quite edible. Not poison, but will certainly give your digestive tract a cleansing!

  2. Yes! I love May Apples! I grew up with them. They were like faerie plants! What a great shot at the perfect moment! It almost looks like a jewel.

  3. I do so appreciate the Irish. My Aunt Yvonne used to say that the Lebanese are the Irish of the Middle East, presumably because of internacine conflicts back in that day. Not too good; but, beyond that, I love the Irish – grew up with a lot of immigrants from there and went to St. Pat’s – and their culture: music, art, poetry. All good. All green, life-giving. A lovely post as always, Priscilla.

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