Photo Challenge Substitute: Dress Up

Now that I’m working from home, I find myself waiting on the Weekly Photo Challenge from WordPress like it’s the only thing I have to do.  Not so: there’s bread to bake, a pot roast to get into the slow cooker, and much more.  So, rather than stall my day, I’ve decided to come up with my own Halloween Photo Challenge.  My favorite part of Halloween has always been the dressing up.  Yeah, I worked for a theater company for 7 years.  I love costumes & make-up!  But I’ve matured beyond the days when I helped my 4 kids transform their ideas into actual outfits (‘an explosion’ is my all-time favorite) and dressed myself up for parties.  I did work as a costumed historic interpreter for the past 3 years, though, so the thrill hasn’t completely died.  My village decided that Trick or Treat day was going to be last Sunday, and I was driving from Texas to Wisconsin at that time, so I missed it.  I’d love to see some creativity in dress!  Here’s what I’ve got on file:

What have you got in yours?

Nov. 1 addition — My sister Sarah just sent this, so I thought I’d share:

Sarah as Dr Who

And just as I post this, Word Press comes through with their challenge word….Descent.  Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Photo Challenge Substitute: Dress Up

  1. Just sent you photo of me dressed as the Fourth Doctor (Doctor Who); I am now set for all future Halloweens (can’t figure out how to attach a photo in this Comments field).

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