22 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Waiting for Aldo

  1. “Around the corner, and under the tree” sits the ghost of Euell Gibbons. And tomorrow someone you know will be playing “Green Lights” White Deer song for 300 Girl Scouts of Santa Clara Council, thinking of you and Wisconsin summers that do not feature snow…

    • I’m so surprised to see you comment here! You’re becoming quite tech savvy, Mom! We were just browsing through one of Euell’s foraging cookbooks the other day. Wish we had the kind of options you get in California year ’round! Give the Scouts a loving smile from me. Cardinals beginning their mating/territory song outside now; spring is just around the corner. Looking forward to some color!!

  2. This morning I will launch a post nominating you for the “Illuminating Blog Award.” Everyone has an individual leaning one way or the other about these awards. Even if you do not accept it, please know that in the nomination comes a heartfelt appreciation for the chance to know you and your work through this blogging life.

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