Becca’s Bistro

Last Tuesday, I went to visit my daughter and son at their new house in Batavia.  I brought along a box of mixed photos from storage to sort, and I got the opportunity to meet Becca’s boyfriend’s parents.  Becca and I made a simple supper out of what was on hand in their garden and from their purchases from the Farmer’s Market that week.  I find it a challenge and a victory when I can figure out how to put a meal on the table without having to go out to pick up any more ingredients!   We made a corn/potato/bacon chowder, a loaf of Challah bread, and a salad.  It was great fun planning and cooking with her in her new kitchen, and of course, I had to show off my new camera, too!  Here’s a shot:

4 thoughts on “Becca’s Bistro

  1. It is so fun to put a whole meal together with just the ingredients you have around. Of course, it’s helpful to have a garden. I am jealous! As soon as I settle in one place for more than a couple of months, I plan to have a garden too. Your meal looks delish!!

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