Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

What do we really possess?  What possesses us?  What is “me” all about? 

For years I called this place “my prairie”.  I do not own the land; I think it belongs to the village park district.  I cannot even claim to own land in the neighborhood any more, as I moved out of state almost 2 years ago.  But I associate some of my deepest “me” moments with this place.  I walked into this prairie, with a feeling of reverence and retreat as if I were entering my personal sanctuary, on a regular basis while I was living nearby.  I was in the midst of raising 4 children, nursing a dying husband, and striving to grow mature in those 20 years.  My sense of identity, my sense of spirit and of sanctity and of God were all shaped by the time I spent here.  I felt the place “talk” to me, as changes in weather, flora and fauna taught me to observe and ponder the significance of transience and transcendence.   I cannot say that anything here is “mine”, really, but much of me will always belong with this place.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

  1. I too have a strong tie to this prairie. Living next to it for the majority of my growing up, it was where I could run when my teenage brain needed time to process the world. I shall take a picture of it now and send it to you when I am next at my parent’s home.

    • Hi, Katie! I actually took this picture on Wednesday last week on my way home from visiting Becca & Josh. It was good to stop by and reconnect with it, if only for a short time.

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