Friday Night

What do you think about on the drive home?  (What can I make for dinner out of what’s left in the ‘fridge?)  How do you get comfortable?  (I take off my corset as soon as possible!)  Do you eat first or relax first?  (I eat and have a glass of wine.  Then I put my feet up.)  How long can you go before you fall asleep? (Not very long.  I often nod off by 8pm, and then I have to wake up to brush my teeth and REALLY go to bed at 10pm.)  Man!  Do I sound OLD!?! 

I have to be at work again by 8am tomorrow for an All Staff Meeting.  It’s gonna take me 45 min. to get there, too.  No boogieing for me tonight!  

My prayers to the Universe tonight include appreciation for the cooler weather today (a fleeting phenomenon…in the 90s again tomorrow) and a deep grief over the violence in our culture, a hope that kindness and respect for all life will prevail some day.


6 thoughts on “Friday Night

  1. As long as the NRA has the government in it’s pocket the laws that allow people in America to buy multiple guns and ammunition over a short period of time with devastating consequences will never be changed..
    The thought that you must possess a gun to protect yourselves from guns is foolish in the extreme.. 1-4 Americans own at least 1 gun… and most of them sadly are men..
    This is what keeps me awake at night!

    • It is utter madness. The new Conceal & Carry law has me livid. We have to post a notice that weapons aren’t allowed in the museum buildings, but people can carry concealed weapons on the grounds, legally. Why???

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