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I was interviewed by a local news station on the 4th of July and asked about what it’s like to wear 19th century clothing in 106 degree heat.  The interview lasted about 10 minutes, and I talked about the resilience of the pioneers and how they adapted to their environment and lived in harmony with it instead of attempting to control it at all costs…or something like that.  In my mind, I was reaching for a thoughtful perspective.  However, the editors chose about 10 seconds of me talking about evaporation, hydration and not lacing up my corset so tight that I can’t breathe.  I can’t figure out how to link to the MOV file that I have in order to show you.  Watching myself on camera is humbling.  Why are my nostrils so large?

Peering through the open-backed pews at St. Peter’s

16 thoughts on “Broadcast News

  1. Typical of the local news station to focus on trivia.. but good try Scilla! Can you upload the video tube youtube and link to there? I can’t see how else you could do it..
    I love the photo by the way 🙂

    • The chirpiest, most upbeat parts to keep people from feeling so miserable about the weather. Yup, that’s broadcast spin. And thanks for the nostril acceptance! (I’m sure it’s mostly my own hang up.)

  2. A well-turned nostril is like a gap between the front teeth…Incredibly sexy when combined with an un-laced corset and a thin film of sweat (sorry, evaporation….men sweat, ladies evaporate).
    You’re going to have to stop these provocative posts Scilla…I’ve only just managed to stop thinking about your moist bum print on the pew…….. Consider my blood pressure.

  3. Actually, just at present there are a number of gap-toothed high-fashion models. It’s come into vogue as a charming imperfection which lends character to the whole. The world of high fashion (what very, very little I know of it) does not seem to have the same view of evaporation.

  4. Were you also surprised to discover that your voice sounds completely different on the video? – we hear our voice differently from inside of ourselves (if I can say it like this), than when we hear it as “outsiders’ so to speak 🙂

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