Pinball Wizard

My weekend working at Old World Wisconsin is over for this week.  We’ve survived the brutal heat, although the beeswax candles in St. Peter’s did not…one suffered from heat exhaustion to the point that it fell out of its holder and now lays tangled in the brackets of the sanctuary lamp chandelier.  Another of its mates is listing at about a 90 degree angle.  We’ve had no significant rainfall since June 16.   Crowds have been sparse, way off the season norms.  How do I stay sane while the sweat drips down my corset?  I meditate and sew.  I was taught to make pinballs during my training week.  These are dodecahedrons (12-sided spheres) of 5-sided bits of fabric, sometimes called “Bucky balls” (named after Buckminster Fuller and his geodesic domes).  They hold pins and needs like a pincushion, but can also be used for playing hackey sack or juggling, or hung with a ribbon on a Christmas tree (not that anyone in the 19th century used them for that!).   I find it fun to pick out the bits of fabric and mix and match the colors…and it’s a whole lot simpler than quilting.  I can sew 12-20 stitches per inch by hand.  I’ve made about 10 of these so far; a few have not been stuffed yet because finding the scrap wool and fabric to put inside requires a “supplies requisition form”.  I have begun to hand hem linen towels as well, and when I’m at the Hafford House on Tues. and Wed., I crochet rag rugs.  So here are some photos of my handiwork, and a shot of my favorite visitor today: a butterfly who landed on the 173 year old wood and spread his magnificent wings for me. 

Hope you had a great weekend; maybe unlike you,  I look forward to Mondays because it’s my day off!

18 thoughts on “Pinball Wizard

  1. Dear Scilla, I love the colors and all the photos, and the butterfly too. Can’t imagine the heat–I hope you get a break. Is there any way you can lose the corset, just until it cools down a bit? (Who would know?) Picking out the colors is my favorite part. I have four quilts that need to be backed because once I got them pieced together, I moved on to the next one. (Bad dog!)

  2. Beautiful butterfly and I love those pin cushions !!! (I need one, too !) Sorry about the heat ; I, too, would send you some of our rain if I could. The Loire is higher than it was last winter ;-). Still no summer in sight here. Have a nice Monday and thank for the great posts !

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