Summoning the Sand Man

I am thinking about my oldest daughter today.  She has been sick with a terrible cough, possibly pneumonia, and left a message on my phone yesterday afternoon saying, “I just needed some Mom.”  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to contact her since to get more information although I’ve left messages.  These are those “Mom moments” that teach me how to manage anxiety.  Her voice actually sounded better than the day before, I know she’s on antibiotics, so my brain can convince me that there’s little evidence that something catastrophic is happening.  My imagination, however, cooks up a million scenarios that are “possible”.   My spirit tells me that I live in this moment, not any imagined or borrowed moments from some other plane, and so I act in the present as best I can.  Practicing living in peace with myself and the world, what I think I know and what I don’t know is an ongoing project.  At this point in my life, I do not need added drama. Reality is exciting enough. 

My daughter has always been open to engaging with lots of stimulus.  Even as a toddler, she had a hard time shutting her brain off at the end of a day, relaxing and falling asleep.  As a grad student, there are just so many exciting things to pursue, that I think she resists shutting down to re-charge.  She’s a fascinatingly energetic person to talk to, but she has a hard time slowing down.  No wonder she’s succumbed to illness, right?  I checked out the poetry prompt from NaPoWriMo this morning, and they suggested writing a lullaby.  Perfect!  I know just who to write one for!  I am hoping her phone is turned off because she’s resting, sleeping, meditating and healing.  When she was a little girl, I used to do a kind of guided meditation that I made up in order to get her to relax.  I had her visualize floating like a leaf on the surface of a slow-moving brook.  So, here’s a lullaby for Susan and pictures of the Sand Cave at Wyalusing State Park.  I apologize if this makes anyone sleepy in the middle of their work day! 

Lullaby for Susan


Float gently, float slowly, my baby, my dear

Like a leaf on the water, no burdens to bear

Gaze skyward to heaven while stars gather there

Like a leaf on the water, no burdens to bear


With mermaid hair flowing, glide slowly along

While Mama’s beside you, she sings this sweet song

Go slowly, breathe deeply, my child; nothing’s wrong

Your Mama’s beside you, she sings this sweet song


20 thoughts on “Summoning the Sand Man

  1. Oh, thank you, mama- both for your lullaby and your wise advice. (I finally called her back on my way to class this morning and she convinced me to turn around, go home, and rest.) It’s hard to slow down knowing the world just keeps going. I have to learn to trust that what’s important will wait for me to be healthy or come back around in some other form.

  2. The approximate chef.. I am glad you are taking your mother’s advice…she is wise 🙂 though I bet she doesn’t always take her own advice !!! ..
    Scilla the lullaby worked for me….. yawn ! and I love the golden photos..

  3. Oh boy, do I know those “mom moments”. I have to do the same, and distract/calm myself all the time. I hope she will be well soon. The color in your photos is amazing! AND, I love your poem.

    • See her comment to be reassured; I waited it out until she called, then I convinced her to skip class and go home to bed. Eventually, I’ll make up a tune to go with the poem and turn it into a proper lullaby. 🙂

  4. Wonderful,,everything, the poem/lullaby..your daughter is so lucky to have you and I know you
    feel so lucky to have her…I’m sure she’ll keep improving minute by minute 🙂

  5. beautiful photos of the rocks — I especially like the high contrast close up in the sunset colors. It’s been a LOOOOONG time since I had a tiny one to sing off to sleep, but I think that those sing-song rhymes gotta be in my DNA because they are right there when I imagine rocking chairs.

    Mmmm my baby, mmmmm my sweet,
    Softly, soundly drift to sleep
    Moonbeans gently gather round
    To make a little baby crown

    Zip away the sunbright day
    To see the stars come out to play
    In the shadows of the night
    Dreams will dance in starry light

    Mmmm my baby, mmmmm my sweet
    Sleepy eyes and sleepy feet
    Crawl inside your warm soft bed
    On your pillow lay your head

    Mmmm my baby, mmmmm my love
    Stars will sing from up above
    Snuggle with your Mama here
    My sleepy, sleepy baby dear

    • I find it so easy to slip back into that soothing place. I suppose having a baby gives you a “real world excuse”. It seems more suspect to admit to self-soothing.

  6. btw – I imagined your photo with my lullaby in one of those gorgeous artsy children’s books that have fabulous illustrations and inane text.

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