Waking Up

We visited two different marshland wildlife refuges this week.  The turtles are coming out of their winter sleep!  I found one sunning itself on a country highway and gave it a lift to the other side of the road.  Painted turtles can live to be quite old if they don’t get squashed by a car or eaten by a raccoon.

The snapping turtles at the Wehr Nature Center have a favorite log for sunning.  They stay off the roads.

This wood turtle is a pet at the nature center.  I like his smile!

Sandhill cranes, Canada geese, wood ducks, and red-winged blackbirds are pairing off and getting ready to start having babies.  The red-winged blackbird is one of Steve’s favorites for its distinctive song.  The first time he described it to me, he said it sounds like water.   Some people say it sings, “Purple TEA” or something like that.  Once you recognize it, though, you won’t need to describe it.  It is simply the red-winged blackbird’s song. I love how they stall in flight and land grabbing one slender stalk, which sways dramatically, but never breaks.

Chipmunks are awake from their winter sleep, too, but they’re too quick for me to photograph.  I did find a fuzzy spring friend who moves at about my speed: pussywillows. 

And now, it’s my pleasure to introduce a guest photographer to my blog.  Steve took this picture just before we climbed back into the car to go in search of dinner. 

Enjoy the beauty surrounding you in this wonderful world.  Enjoy waking up to it each moment, becoming aware. 

3 thoughts on “Waking Up

  1. Oh look Pussy Willows :)) I am very envious of the marvellous birds you have there and turtles too !! Spring is well and truly sprung here.. It was as warm as a summers day today..

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Elena, and leading me to your beautiful artwork! I have recently started writing short pieces for children, mostly nature-themed, that I will submit to a group of children’s magazines. I imagine them paired with some sensitive and imaginative illustrations (which I cannot do) like I find on your blog!

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