Weekly Photo Challenge: FUN! and Booty Shaking

I gotta admit, I am a more (ahem!) serious photographer. Nature close-ups, landscapes and the like are hardly the stuff of Booty Shaking shots. And when I’m in the midst of having fun, I usually don’t have my camera out. It’s a relatively big one, a piece of equipment that represents an uncharacteristic birthday splurge for me.  So, it’s not like I’m popping shots from the hip while out clubbing.  However… my kids came to my birthday party and danced in the living room once. 


And then there was that New Year’s Eve we opened some Christmas Crackers…

mirth 5

My brother’s wedding reception was a great dance party!

Hora Loco dancer

Andy Josh

Yeah, I’m a pretty mellow kind of person, but I do like to have FUN in my own way!

yoda selfie