Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

I gotta admit, my first reaction was something along the lines of “WTF?  Who takes photos at night when there’s no LIGHT?!”  But this is supposed to be a Challenge, right?  (an aside….Steve mentions in passing that he’d be great at making up one word photo challenges.  “Yeah, like what?”  “Crouton,” he said, not even skipping a beat.  I am glad that “Crouton” is not this week’s theme.  I have zero photos on that subject.)

Recently (well, almost 2 months ago now), we had a marvelous nighttime adventure in Chicago with my youngest, Emily.  We went to Ravinia, the outdoor musical festival, for a Brahms concert.  We bought only lawn seats, not the more expensive Pavilion seats.  It rained all day, not too fiercely, but fairly steadily.  We found that we were among the few diehard music fans that did not let that deter us from setting up a picnic on the wet lawn and dining happily under our umbrellas.  When the music started officially (after a brief practice during our picnic), we packed up the food and huddled beneath the umbrellas.  The rain was falling in earnest by then.  At intermission, an invitation came over the loudspeaker for anyone on the lawn to move into the pavilion, as most seats were empty.  A kind man handed us tickets to a box seat well under the shelter, and we moved in to warm up and dry off.  It was a thrilling evening, being out in the elements, listening to live music played by real, live, dedicated musicians from Germany…and the occasional roll of thunder.

But my photos from that evening did not come out as I expected.  Trying to adjust for low light is very tricky.  Still, the sparkle and color and blurry atmosphere is rather fun. Pretend you’ve had a few drinks before you look at them. 🙂

BTW – on the menu: 5 different kinds of cheeses,  3 salads, handmade chocolate-dipped strawberries (thank you, Emily!), a light Chardonnay and the best beer on the planet (from Belgium – Maredsous). 


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, all you Irish!  Especially you, MKM!  (My grandmother, Marian Keefe McFarland…at one time her family name was O’Keefe, I hear.  RIP)

After my Old World Wisconsin visit, we went into the Kettle Moraine State Forest to picnic, and found a spot at Paradise Springs.  Except for a group of excited girls walking the loop trail for a while, it was very quiet. Humanly quiet, that is.  We heard Sand Hill cranes and red squirrels and Spring peepers and an owl and chickadees and robins and red-winged blackbirds and cardinals and the bubbling sound from the running spring.  We made a fire from downed wood to grill our Italian sausage.  After supper, we walked around, and I took some pictures.

All around, things are looking greener.  Today we’re heading to the east side of Milwaukee to find a spot near Lake Michigan to sit and read aloud.  We’re working on Hermann Hesse’s Narcissus and Goldmund.  Steve wants to take me to a restaurant called “Beans and Barley” for lunch.  The temperature is supposed to reach 75 F, so there will probably be lots of people on the beach, I’m sure.  How are you spending this spring Saturday?