Weekly Photo Challenge: In Respect To Numbers

Do numbers even exist in Nature?  I don’t think so.  They are human concepts, to which humans have attached meaning.  In Nature, things simply are as they are.  For example, there’s a tall flowering plant growing in the woodlands and by the freeways, blooming with pink to purple flowers in profusion right now.  Is it Wild Phlox or is it Dame’s Rocket?  The two look very much alike.  Wild Phlox, however, has 5 petals on each flower.  It is a native wildflower.  Dame’s Rocket has 4 petals to a flower, and it is an invasive species.  One is celebrated, the other ripped out at the roots in great handfuls and left to wither in the sun.  

We make a lot of judgments based on numbers.  What’s your SAT score?  Your credit score?  Your cholesterol level?  

Does it matter?  We live; we make choices; we die.  I think numbers are immaterial. I think character is everything.  A growing thing, no matter the number of its parts, is alive.  It deserves respect.