2016 Photo Calendar

As a positive-thinking person, I am sad to hear so many people saying that 2016 was a bad year. So, I decided to go back through my photos of the year and pick just one from each month to remind myself what I was focusing on and maybe get an idea why it wasn’t so terrible, horrible, no-good and very bad after all. Here are my monthly picks:
January – 

optimistic 2

February – 


March – 


April – april

May – may

June – MKE flower industry

July –


August – edge-2

September – droplet

October –october

November – 


December – dec

I don’t want to say that the year was without disappointment. At the beginning of 2016, I was also campaigning for Bernie Sanders by phone and door-to-door.

victory 2On the last day of November, I suffered two losses that hit me very hard: my boss resigned and a dear pet died. I guess my point is that perspective is still up to me. Where I give my heart, where I direct my eyes, where I train my efforts and thoughts is still up to me. And no system can take that away. 

May all beings be happy in 2017; may all beings be free from suffering in 2017. Thank you for visiting my blog!


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Circle of Life

I see life in the miracle of the spherical –arboretum in winter

  of the cycle, the whole, balanced circumference – eye 1

of endings that beget beginnings, the disappearance that creates an opening that begs a new adventure –

natural bridges state park

of gestating generations.

may apple

Life encircles all around.  Literally.

appleMay this year bring you the peace and joy of Life – wherever you may see yourself in the circle.  And thank you for including me in the embrace of your life by your visit!