Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries and the Unbound

My partner Steve and I have often discussed the usefulness and the detrimental nature of boundaries.  To be safe is often important for growth…until it’s not.  Steve’s ultimate objective is to grow beyond boundaries and explore the Oneness of reality.  After all, boundaries are a concept that we can erect and dismantle at will.  Where is your will?  Do you elect to put up boundaries or break them down?

Stick to the rails or take to the sky?

Stick to the rails or take to the sky?

Do you go through life humming “Don’t Fence Me In”?  I feel that’s the position I take more and more.


Don’t Fence Me In

The maple trees have already stopped running sap.  The wildflowers have begun to bloom.  It’s like we’ve gone past spring in a flash and gotten into early summer already.  The temperatures have hit record highs all this week.  How can you not be outside on a day like today?!  Well, that’s where I’m heading.  First, I’ll share some more architectural shots from my Old World Wisconsin trek.

What are you doing inside still?!  Go out and enjoy the world!